About Me

I'm an explorer. 

An introvert by nature - I mostly, quietly, observe things and document them as it suits me at the time. I love adventure, and almost never say "no" to anything. William Shatner taught me that. Seriously.  I seek adventure. I am a paradox. 

It's said I do not like sauce, this is untrue. Salad Sauce is the only exception. 


There's two things I love. 1 on 1 time with people when their guard is up and making it come down, and documenting special moments as they happen - portrait, documentary, wedding, editorial, and press photos.


Anything with people. Things, are generally not my thing, unless there's context. I live to tell a story of the moment - fleeting, intangible.

Location & Contact

I live and work in Toronto. 
Studio: Queen W. and Gladstone
Phone: 647-500-3686
Email: me@hollythomas.ca

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